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Kite crash


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Bell Kite Project Blog

I am building a huge kite inspired by Alexander Graham Bell's historical models.  

Covers On

Monday, August 13, 2007

The covers are now on the kite. My student, Catia, kindly helped me with the tedious task of taping them on.

It actually kind of looks like a telephone now. However, it's wedged in an narrow space between two houses so I can't back up more than four feet from the kite to take a look at it.

The kite is basically done now. I need to bridal it and try to fly it in the next couple days before packing it up and departing for Nova Scotia.

Since I'm a complete kite novice, I have no idea if the kite will fly, be torn apart, site on the ground, or lift several people into the air. We have much to discover.

i would love to see the test flight...when is it happening?
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