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Bell Kite Project Blog

I am building a huge kite inspired by Alexander Graham Bell's historical models.  

Waterloo Crashes

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Friday I took the kite the University of Waterloo to give it a fly. Render (the Waterloo Art Gallery) sponsored the Bell Kite project and I wanted to get a chance to fly it there.

The weather report warned of thunderstorms, but happily we avoided repeating Franklin's experiments with lightning. However the wind was very strong.

The gusts made it difficult to assemble the kite without it blowing away. Andrew Hunter (Render director) brought a number of students to help, and we needed all hands to keep the kite under control.

An experienced local kite flier showed up, and helped us figure out the always difficult bridling process.

We realized that we were in trouble when the wind bent the kite around the people trying to hold before takeoff. We made some unsuccessful attempts to fly it in the high winds and then decided to change the bridling. Sadly the improved bridle lines didn't help. We dragged the kite around in the wind and finally packed it up after it had too much damage.

The wreckage of the kite is now in my basement waiting for an ambitious spring day when I'll try to repair it and fly it again in more gentle winds.

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